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Renewing your Manufactured Home Community
renewing your manufactured home community book
By Craig E. White, A.C.M. & Donald C. Westphal, A.S.L.A.
A community owner's guide to upgrading, this text leads one through the  process of upgrading community Iimage, business practices, guidelines for living, management, and home selection.  Three trusted and respected industry experts collaborated in the writing of this publication.  A must read document for the community owner.
Navigating the Manufactured Housing Zoning Process
navigating the manufactured housing zoning process
By David I. Alley, P.E. & Donald C. Westphal, A.S.L.A
Manufactured Home community zoning approval is one of the most difficult to achieve.  This guide describes the process and terms and enumerates the essential steps a developer should take to increase the chance of success.  A list of resources and studies to assist in the process is listed.  The authors have have participated in more than a hundred zoning cases and speak from experience.

Document Library

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